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Age: 68
Height: 5'9"
Marital Status:Married
Name: Khaled
City: Honolulu
Last Login Date: 22/08/2017
Education: Phd
Country of Residence: USA
Passport: USA - full
Country of Origin: USA
Religion: Sunni
Employment: Lawyer

As Salaam Alaikum. Al-Islam is the most important thing in my life. I welcome the challenges and unique opportunities to learn, grow and teach others about our wonderful religion. I strive to please Allah (SWT) and His Messenger, Muhammed(PBUH). I'm blessed to be healthy and athletic. I jog and lift weights regularly. Allah has blessed me to be sincere, balanced and fair-minded. I have a pleasant personality. Some of my activities, hobbies & interests are: Islamic studies, broadcast announcing, video & public-access television producing/directing & editing, songwriting, composing & singing wholesome music, playwrighting, documentary and dramatic film-making, reading and writing poems, language studies, hiking and camping. I like studying science and human behavior. Also, I'm fascinated by architecture. My activities are well coordinated and do not detract from quality family-time. I'm married. I'm looking for a sincere and sensitive muslimah for companionship and love, isha-Allah. She may be widowed, divorced or single, with or without children, preferably in her 20's to late 30's. I respect older women as well, however, I wish to have more children if Allah permits. Please include your photo. USA citizens are preferred, but others may be considered. Unfortunately, I cannot legally sponsor anyone for immigration. May Allah(SWT) bless us with pure intentions, reward us for the best of our deeds, and help us to overcome our faults and shortcomings.

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