User ID: Marwan4u
Age: 56
Height: 6'1"
Marital Status:Married
Name: Marwan Abu-Namous
City: Salmiya
Last Login Date: 29/08/2017
Education: BA/BSc
Country of Residence: Kuwait
Passport: Palestine
Country of Origin: Palestine
Religion: Sunni
Employment: Engineering

Abide to islamic principles, family oriented. Looking for Attractive, Understanding, loving, and Decant Muslim Woman and Flower that spread here touch of feminine into the house and upon me. A woman which when looked at i see the heaven between my arms. A decant woman which build a sound family irrespect of life troubles, Keeps and help to strengthen my Islam, and pushes forward here man to face life for here. I hope to be the lucky person, to find such woman and to win here as good muslim wife, and to make here happy (In-Sha-Alah).

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