User ID: ShaKeal
Age: 31
Height: 5'7"
Marital Status:Never Married
Name: Shakeal
City: England
Last Login Date: 13/09/2016
Education: BA/BSc
Country of Residence: UK
Passport: UK
Country of Origin: UK
Religion: Sunni
Employment: Sales/Marketing

I am doing this purely with good intention. I am very serious and genuine, so here goes… I am a hardworking guy who would like to settle down and raise a family. Hopefully be a good husband and a great father oneday insha-allah. I am just a simple guy living a simple life. I am affectionate and thoughtful person. Im friendly, reliable, honest, easy-going and always cheerful. My religion comes first in everything I do in life (well try to anyway). I am not that religious like I wish to be yet but I have strong religious believes. I am however weak on the practical stuff and need to get in practicing Islam more and need to get in the habit on doing thinks the right way. I am continuously striving to gain knowledge in my Deen. Im an active person and like to keep fit by running, cycling & playing football. I enjoy traveling & would like to travel all over. There is one place I particularly love to go after I get married & that is Saudi Arabia so that I could do my pilgrimage to Mecca with my partner. I hope to meet a girl with the same values. Has to be an overall nice girl. Even if shes not a practicing muslima, but should be strong in faith. I also like going to the gym. I enjoy watching movies and going to cinema. I like theatre shows and been to London WestEnd a couple of times to see Blood Brothers and Miss Sigon etc. I like eating good food and occasionally like to eat out in nice restaurants but I prefer home made food more and sometimes cook myself. In my spare time I like spending time with my family and friends and go to play snooker or ten-pin bowling or shopping. I enjoy family get-togethers like Eid and weddings etc and have a laugh with family and relatives. We have an average medium size family who are all very easy going and down to earth. They are all very easy to get along with. I like going for long drives and sometimes like a quiet nights in too. I like reading books and listening to music. As I believe in looking after my body which Allah has given us, as it is going to be returned to Him again someday, I do not like tattoos and piercing (I dont mind pierced ears and nose however) I never smoke and I hate all kinds of intoxicants. I like to keep fit and eat healthy. I am looking for a cute attractive muslima. I’ll be honest… If you're not attracted physically, its hard to keep going pretending so I dont want to lead anyone on and just want to be honest from the start. Im sure you would wan that too. We often judge others by their looks, job, education and net worth, instead of the things that really matter - the things inside them. Im looking for a girl who is beautiful from the inside as she is from the outside. In return I can offer her my pure heart and try my very best to never disappoint her. I will honour her and respect her and promise to always keep her happy. I want to build serious relationship on a strong base which is love, devotion and trust. I'd like a girl that can have fun just doing anything, even just sitting at home watching a movie on a friday night. Someone that I can look after when she is down and take care of her when she is ill. I'm really just looking for a girl that wants to be loved just as much as I want to be loved. Very intense, fun loving, a social butterfly with solid principles and a big heart & soul. Almost nothing... a good heart, affectionate, physical attraction, a great sense of humour and intelligence. Most important thing is honesty and to be able to fully trust each other. I wish everyone the very best and pray that everyone find there suitable match... Ameen! Take care everyone!

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