User ID: Siddiqui
Age: 29
Height: 5'0"
Marital Status:Never Married
Name: Habiba Siddiqui
City: New Delhi
Last Login Date: 10/08/2017
Education: MA/MSc/MBA
Country of Residence: India
Passport: India
Country of Origin: India
Religion: Sunni - Hanafi
Employment: Education

Qualification : M.E. (Computer Science and Engineering) What I am? I would say I'm a hardworking,co-operative,extrovert, ambitious and straightforward. I like to accept challenges.I am honest and trustworthy, and I don't like to hurt anyone. I detest lies. I'm energetic and I like energetic dances, because I think this is a good exercise which can be done alone and in one's own time. I was a dance coordinator for 3 years in the last university where I taught. I'm an outdoor person. I like listening music, especially when I am traveling or doing domestic chores. Whenever I feel low, I switch on my music. It is soothing, especially if the lyrics are meaningful too. In my spare time, I read magazines or whatever I can lay my hands on. Occasionally, I visit my friends and enjoy chatting with them too. I also like watching TV and chatting with my friends. I love nature,and I always find natural beauty very attractive. Green grass always energises me. I am an adventurous woman. I enjoy hill climbing and tracking. I have embarked on such trips many a times. I'm not very good at describing myself,but I have tried as best as I could. Strength:- My real strength is my fearlessness. I would go places with complete aplomb. I try to feel happy within myself, but I'm also saddened if I see anyone unhappy. I try to learn from my past mistakes, and must confess that I have too many. I pay particular attention to detail,and I like meeting deadlines.When I commit to do something it stays done. I am a self-starter,dedicated and hard-working.I'm also a team player and work to achieve organisational goals.I help my colleagues if I see them struggling. Weakness: I detest office politics and would avoid it if I can. I like soft spoken,well mannered and well dressed people, and those who are reliable and thoughtful to others. I dislike those who are selfish,ill mannered,indulge in backbiting and speak foul language. I am an independent girl.I have been doing my own work ever since I can remember. I don't like unhygienic places.That's my worst weakness. I would love to live in a neat and clean environment. I don't compromise on hygiene matters. I don't like female gossip,and always try to keep away from this as much as I can. Please get in touch if you like my profile. Note: People of Pakistani Background need not contact please.

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