User ID: farahhassan1
Age: 28
Height: 5'7"
Marital Status:Never Married
Name: Farah MohdHassan
City: Providence, RI
Last Login Date: 26/02/2017
Education: MA/MSc/MBA
Country of Residence: USA
Passport: USA - full
Country of Origin: USA
Religion: Sunni
Employment: Education

I have nothing to reveal for Allah knows more about me than I know about Him. I am writing to you today with the sincerest of intention and may He, The One whose hand possess my soul bear witness. I have nothing to offer except trust and goodwill. There is nothing more than what you may find in me than in Him, The Absolute, whose mercy encompasses everything. Like you, I am no more than a mere creation created with the sole purpose to worship my Master, my Creator, my Lord. This world is nothing but a game and a mere distraction. I have nothing to hide and nowhere to turn to except to Him who created me. I am simple and honest.... ========================================================= I am seeking someone who would is family oriented and would like to teach and share the knowledge of deen alongside me, to be someone that can support and be supported in everyway A Devoted partner, with all the qualities and attributes of a good Muslim, a good son and a good brother. Education isn’t important to me as it is not the be all and the end all of everything yet I seek someone who has life experience and someone who is genuinely seeking to settle down

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