User ID: muslim2marry
Age: 48
Height: 5'8"
Marital Status:Married
Name: Ali Rasool
City: Newark
Last Login Date: 18/01/2017
Education: School
Country of Residence: Egypt
Passport: USA - full
Country of Origin: USA
Religion: Sunni
Employment: Self Employed

Athletic African American Muslim who is striving to keep Allah pleased with him and seeking a beautiful (internally and externally) muslim sister that would be a fulfilling protection for me both physically and spiritually from the negativities that one faces in an environment such as America and some muslim countries as well as its immodesty and immorality. I am considered attractive by most women, especially my eyes. I have a muscular built, but slim because I run, exercise and fast alot. I have little to no fat, just muscles and am brown-skinned. I love women of all nationalities, but I prefer them light to fair-skinned or even white. I don't smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs. In fact I'm a health nut. I love everything natural. Because of my fear of Allah and respect for marriage I choose never to divorce as so many do so easily and also refuse to commit adultery as well. Therefore, I am maintaining my present wife and merely looking for that perfect one to become my other wife. It's amazing with polygany being spoken about, praised and practised in Islam I have nonetheless found many sites created by Christians seeking polygany and not even one muslim site doing so. Don't we know that polygany is the cure for fornication, adultery and all types of sexual perversions in a society caused by those women who want to get married but can't. Women greatly outnumber men in the world. Even if all of the men got married what would happen with the rest of the women in the world? Why do so many women have such jealousy and hatred towards one another and yet they claim to be religious and righteous? Will the real religious and righteous women PLEASE stand up?! Where are the REAL men who are ready, willing and able to accept responsibility for the women and the children? Too many weak men have chosen to divorce over and over and over and to sneak around with other women or not marry at all. That's not a real man. May Allah help us to be real believing and practicing men and women and to enter His Paradise. Ameen, Ameen, Ameen.

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