User ID: nuh
Age: 45
Height: 6'1"
Marital Status:Divorced
Name: nuh ciccarelli
Last Login Date: 29/05/2017
Education: BA/BSc
Country of Residence: USA
Passport: Unspecified
Country of Origin: Unspecified
Religion: Muslim (Unspecified)
Employment: Unspecified

---- Now I must purchase membership with this site on Thursday may 17 by 830 pm. Then i can talk, inshallah. My children are with their mom since Jan XXX and one visit for 1 week in March. I cling to the sunnah of our Prophet and seek Allah in all matters. I have a large collection of islamic books. I am faithful to the relegion established by Allah for us believers and nonbelievers. I seek the assistance of a women who will strengthen all aspects of my relegion by seeing her faith in Allah being straight and full. I have two small so so cute children(from African-American ex-wife), Updated>I am NOT with my children now but need a wife for my deen and also so they can visit me for a long time where I work and live 450 miles from them. The children miss me too much. Only one of us should work. I like to work for my family. I am kind at all times and always treat a wife with respect all the time. I love to spend all my free time with my family and wife. I love family life. I need someone to relocate to my state. Your family ties will be important for me to honor. My family is no longer available to me. I smile a lot for my muslim brothers on Friday and smile a lot for my family and wife and her family the rest of the time. My health is perfect and I have always been athletic and still can run fast and ride bicycles if my future wife asks me to. Most of all, I love to pray my prayers with my wife and family except Friday prayer and Eid. I have naturally all dark hair now and will grow a silver black beard soon. I live 2 hours from atlanta, georgia.

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