User ID: summayah
Age: 16
Height: 5'4"
Marital Status:Never Married
Name: Summayah
City: Crown Point, IN
Last Login Date: 23/10/2016
Education: School
Country of Residence: USA
Passport: ---------------
Country of Origin: USA
Religion: Sunni
Employment: Sales/Marketing

Salaam! My name is Summayah and I'm a convert to Islam. I'm turning 17 this December. I am graduating high school in June of next year and inshallah plan on enrolling to university in that fall. I am a fun person who likes to go out. I really like spending time in coffee houses and antique shops because there is always something new to do or someone new to talk to. I would love my match to have a beard and follow the sunnah for men's dress (covered arms and legs), however it's okay too if you don't. You would have to be practicing at least enough to wake up for fajr and inshallah be willing to wake the wife up too. I want my match to be a bubbly and outgoing person, who doesn't have a problem cracking a joke every once in a while.

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