User ID: yaztab
Age: 47
Height: 5'3"
Marital Status:Divorced
City: Middx
Last Login Date: 24/04/2019
Education: BA/BSc
Country of Residence: UK
Passport: UK
Country of Origin: Kenya
Religion: Sunni
Employment: Unspecified

Assalam alakum warahmatuallah I'm looking for a very caring, loving and sincere man. Who should be interested in making a life time commitment inshallah, without any other ulterior motives. He should be aware of his duty to Allah subhanawatallah. Only then, he can be a dutifull husband. I am an outgoing person who loves life and people. I enyoy travelling, adventure and my travel portfolio extend over four continents and not to forget... my duty to Allah....have performed Hajj too! I love to seek knowledge...(learning worldly and islamic )and inshallah applying the knowledge to better myself and contribute to the muslim ummah if possible. Hope to hear from my prospective husband very soon preferable from England especially from the southeast!Walakum salaam warahmatuallah

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