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The Necessity of Marriage
from Youth & Spouse Selection
by Ali Akbar Mazaheri

Allah created man in a manner that he is incomplete and imperfect without a spouse. Man may upgrade his knowledge, faith and excellencies, but he shall never reach the desired perfectness if he does not get a spouse. (Be it man or woman). Nothing can substitute marriage and the raising of a family. Male and female sexes need each other both from spiritual as well as physical points of view. And each of them is incomplete and imperfect when alone and in solitude. And when they get placed beside each other, they complete each other. This is the law of creation and it commands all the universe.

The Quran calls man and woman as the dress of each other.

"They (wives) are as a dress for you (husbands) and you are as a dress for them"
Surah Baqara v187

That is to say, they are the completive, counterpart, and the guard of each other's honour and secrets, and each one needs the other. Man can not live honourably and eminently in society without dress. He feels himself in a state of imperfectness. The lonely person too feels himself imperfect.

Dress saves and protects a person from the effects of winter and summer. The spouse too saves one from worries, futility, shelterlessness, aimlessness and solitude similarly. Dress decorates man, spouses too are the decoration of each other.


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