Many cheque payments are rejected or seriously delayed because these 4 simple instructions are not followed.

Please read them CAREFULLY

1. The cheque should be made out to Transunion Ltd.
The bank will NOT ACCEPT any variation on this.

2. You MUST write your email address CLEARLY on the back of the cheque.
If you do not, we cannot send you your membership details.

3. When you have sent the cheque, please inform us via email that you have done so. Include  your name in the email.

4. Please do NOT sent money orders. Only cheques are acceptable.

Please do not send photos or bio-data to this address.


6 Months Membership - £22

Please send cheque payable to Transunion Ltd to:
Rubha Beag
PA26 8BE


Please Read the Instructions Above FIRST


Please send any comments or suggestions to info@muslimwedding.org
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