Here are just a few of the emails we have received from brothers and sisters who have found someone through this site. We love to hear from anyone with a success story, so if you would like to share yours please send an email to: info@muslimwedding.org and if you have any photos to share with us, please send them too.


I just wanted to take a moment to send a quick thanks for your matrimonial service. My husband and I met on your website and were engaged within months. We are now getting ready to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of our marriage, masha'Allah. We are completely best friends and continue in the same love we had from the beginning. I sincerely pray that Allah will bless all of you who have brought us this service. Thank you for your part in our finding each other. He is and always will be, insha'Allah, my best friend and my dear companion through life's journey, Elhamdulilah!

Jazak Allah Khair
Salaam Alaykum

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your website as it allowed me to meet the love of my life after many years of thinking I was destined to be alone forever!

I started corresponding in December and, on 21 March, we married.

I thank Allah for guiding me to your site and, through this, to my wife.

Bismillah ir rahmaan ir Raheem
As salaamu alaikum Wa rahmatullahai wa barakatuh
I would like to thank you for the use of the website and share with you my story. I met AbuKashawn on this site and we plan Insha Allah to marry. It has been a difficult journey to get here but the joy that I have found by the Grace and Mercy of Allah has surpassed all the trials. He is my soul mate and if not for the use of your site I may have not had this opportunity to meet him. Again Jazak Allah khairan.
Asalaam Alaikum Warahmathulahi Wabarakath.

I would like to say Jazak Allah for I found my princess through this site, and Masha Allah she is all and wholely the person i dreamt of, May Allah swt grant you a place in Jannatul Firdous for you efforts.


Assalam alikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh

I just want to tell you Jazakum Allah Kheir Ameen

I met my husband in this website and alhamduliAllah he is a good Muslim and husband may Allah bless him and bless you for your help Ameen

Just need to advise all sisters and brothers using this website, please be honest and inshaAllah you will find who you are looking for.

Assalam alikum

Salamu alaikum
 I met my wife using your website. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.
Salaam Alaykum,
I just wanted to share with your our success story.  We met through your web site just over four years ago.  We are now married, Alhamdulillah, and we have two lovely boys, Masha'Allah. 

I am a white convert to Islam and my wife is a Saudi citizen.  We have included pictures of of us at our wedding and our two boys.

If not for your site we would not have met, we would not have had these boys.  Thank you very much for the service you are doing the Muslim community.

Manal and Malik

Assalamu Alaikum

I would like to say a very big thankyou to the team at muslim wedding! I met my husband on this website in Jan 2005 and got married in April 2005 Alhamdulillah and have been happily married for one year masha'allah. I am also expecting our first child insha'allah.

Jazakhallah muslim wedding!


Assalam Alaikum

It just goes to show, if  Allah wills then it will happen. I am so please with this site, my new wife and I were married on the 1st of Muharram 1427. Al hamdulillah.  We both met through this site and wish everyone all the success with finding true happiness. 

May Allah guide us will with our deen.


I would like to thank you for all of those who come in this web site and make easy to choose life partner,  and especially to Muslim matrimonial team members who make every thing easy for us. I don't know when I became member of this web site but it was quite long. At last I found my life partner. I think through this web site I found very nice, good and dreamy life partner. we chat for few months and then we decide to meet each other. Although my partner country for so far but I reach their to see her. I live in UK and she live in Morocco. We meet and I meet her family. I came back to UK and wait for decision of her family coz we respect a lot of our families. Her family accept me. and then I go back to Morocco to marry. it was very very hard to marry with Moroccan girl but I done that. and luckily me (ID: tinting) and my love (ID: ternity.... I can't remember exactly) get marry in 3rd of march. Thanks again for every body and may Allah bless all of you and help you to find good life partner.

I am very thankfull to this site. 1st place muslim matrimonials family is very cooperative and sincere in work. I have found my soulmate through this site, Al hamdulillah. I am going to marry next week Insha Allah. I wish all of you best of luck in your search.
As-salamu Aleikom wrh wb ..

Jazakom Allah kol khair ... May Allah make you a 'reason' or a 'mean' to achieve what HE (SWT) has decreed for us ... ..We have to thank you that through you Alhamdulillah ..we have met .. while I am from Egypt and my life partner is from the UK .. subhanAllah .. our Qadar is to meet through you .. and to be gathered by the grace of Allah on this site ... Alhamdulillah at the beginning and the end that i got the best on this earth ... JazakomAllah millions times ...

As-salamu Alaikum wrh wb

As-Salaamu Aliakum,

I would like to thank those who came up with this site, and I pray Allah grants them many trees in Paradise.

Through this site I have found my soul mate.  I was a member in 2002 and my now fiancé' became a member around the same time. Since I live in the State and he live on the other side of the world, I just assumed that he would be an online buddy. Time past and we decided to meet somewhere neutral. When we met, I knew that my soul mate was standing in front of me. Al-humdulilah he felt the same and we are now engaged.

Insh-Allah, we are planning to have a nice multi-cultured Shaadi/ wedding in the near future.

Again. I want to thank Allah and the creators of this web site because without the two of you, my fiancé' and I would have never met. 


I was just writing to let everyone know that muslimwedding.org, has helped me to find my soul mate!  I became a member on November 14, 2002.  I started corresponding with my husband soon after in January of 2003.  By April, 2003 we became engaged, and on September 21, 2003, we were married!  We were 3,000 miles apart from each other.  My husband was from Los Angeles and I was from Michigan...  and what seemed to be impossible turned out to be heaven sent.... Just when I have given up on meeting Mr. Right... everything came together.. Thanks to Muslimwedding.org

I just wanted to tell everyone to keep hope alive! Inshallah you will have the success that I have had with this wonderful website... I also wanted to thanks the creators of this website.. You truly have changed my life for the better.. May Allah bless you all


Jazahuallah kahirun muslimwedding I have found my wife to be inshallah. We're are going to get the nikah done in this month some time. I can't thank Allah swt enough for her she is everything a muslim man needs. Her Iman is what made me write to her and alhmduallah i feel my life is complete now. 

May Allah swt bless our marriage and all the people that get married. MUSLIMWEDDING you have help Allah swt by bringing two souls together and that in itself is one great deed. May Allah swt grant the people junna who made this website once again Jazahuallah kahir you have helped my find the one Allah swt created for  me.

Assalamo Alaikum!

By the grace of Allah, I am no longer looking - alhumduillah. I have found a Muslim woman that I totally ADORE. It took me about a little over two months, but by Allah's grace I have found my Muslim soul mate on this very site. I truly didn't think that she existed. But she does - alhumduillah. I hope and pray that Allah continually blesses your site. And may He help those who are serious in finding their life partner - inshallah.

Assalamu aleykum wa rahmatullah dear muslimwedding org

I want to thank you for great job you do Mashaallah. May Allah give you reward.. ameen

And for dear sisters and brothers: I'm wishing you all ( who has clean and true intention) to find his mate Inshallah, as I did on this site alhamdulillah. Me and my husband were 10000 miles far from each other, and after a few months of corresponding we met and got married Alhamdulillah (in October 2003) - Completed our Qismat subhanalla only *Allah* who knows Qismat. Also my close girlfriend and her future husband met through this site. Their marriage is planned to be in December inshallah. So please trust and try to get married. May Allah help you all. Maasalama

I just wanted to say that my husband and I found each other through your site. We met on your site in March; my husband paid especially to reply to my ad and by the end of June this year we were married. We are now living in London and expecting our first baby InshaALLAH,

Jazak Allah Khayrun for your help

JasakllaKharun for your Service,  

May Allah swt grant you many tree's in janna.

  Mashall After only a week on your site I found the most wonderful sister mashalla. We are now married alhumdulila.

Jasakallkharun for your efforts

Aslaam Alaikuum.

Wwe want to say thank you & Jazakallah Khair for giving brothers & sisters the chance to find their partners like this!!

I admit I had my doubts but after only TWO WEEKS of having my details here I have found my soulmate inshallah!! our marraige is all planned for next year inshallah. We will keep you posted!! :) We honestly can't thank you enough! 

May Allah bless you!

I would like to thank everyone at the Muslim wedding web site, for helping me to find a very special person to share the rest of my life with (Isha'Allah) and complete the other half of our deen. Than you for this much appreciated service. May Allah bless you.
your brother in Islam
I'd been using your website for at least 1 and a half year. I was growing despondent, but by the grace of Allah, I've now found my prince charming through it. I wanted to thank you. And thanking Allah is never enough. May Allah guide us all and bless all Muslims.

Some people still think it's wacky to find a mate on the Net. However, Allah does as he wills and he's the greatest!

I would like the believers to kindly keep me and my future husband in their prayers; and I'd like to remind us never to despair of Allah's mercy. He's watching and he loves the Muslims.

Salamu Alaikum
I just wanted to say thank you for having such a wonderful forum where muslims can meet each other for marriage.  I placed an ad and was married in August 2002.  We are very happy and expecting our first child inshAllah August 2003.  Thank you once again for helping me meet my husband.  May Allah swt bless you for this wonderful thing you are doing.
Thank you very much for your service.   Fatimah and I were married on March 1, 2003.  I would absolutely recommend 1st Place Muslim Matrimonials over any other Muslim matrimonial website
Please let me thank you for providing this service.  On June 5, 2003 I married my husband found on this great web site.  Allah works in mysterious ways ~ who would have guessed that you can meet your partner on the internet! God Bless You All
I would like to thank you for providing such a wonderful website, May Allah bless you on effort contributed. Alhamdulillah, Insya Allah I’ve found my soul mate and we will be getting married very soon. Thank you once again. To all sisters and brothers I wish you good luck and continue praying to Allah.
Please allow me to enter another success story. I am to be married on May 23rd InshaAllah.  Al Hamdulilah for the use of MuslimWedding.org
Thank you for helping me find my life partner (wife) through this wonderful site. I have not been a member to this site (I had not been a member to any site). But, I saw my wife's profile on this site in Oct,2002, met her in Nov,2002 and got married in Mar, 2003. We are happy to come across your site. Thanks... ZQ  

Today I have deleted my profile because through your marvelous site I have found the most wonderful woman and have just married her this weekend.

May Allah(swt) bless all those who manage this site and make it possible and help all the other brother and sisters to become as lucky as me.

Salaam alaikum.

salam alikum i have an account in your website my username is muslimaegypt, i found my groom through your website thanks so much
Within 3 months of joining your website, I have found my ‘prince charming.’ I first contacted him when he was in Kashmir and I was in UK. On his arrival into the UK, we met and alhamdullialah we celebrated the union of our souls, 2 months later in January 2003.  How Allah brings two souls together…?

You have an excellent, no fuss website. May Allah bless you with many many more successful unions.

Salaam alaikum, I want to thank Muslimwedding.org for their easy low cost service. I have been searching for a husband for more than 2 years using other sites. I had terrible luck and spent more money on the other sites. I paid for one 6 month membership with your service and finally found my perfect match. He had only been on the site for a few days when we made first contact and my membership was due to expire soon. I am telling everyone I know (especially people I met through other sites) to stop paying the others and place their ads on your site. May Allah bless everyone who maintains this site.  oh by the way I was married Dec 14th 2002. :) sincerely, sehr

I wanted to share my news with you that I have found my life partner and am now successfully married. I would like to thank all you folks for facilitating this for me through your site and it is indeed a very productive way of finding a suitable partner.....contrary to my initial understanding!!! i would say to all those seeking partners that it does pay to subscribe and surely your partner-to-be is worth more than the subscription fee.......wish you all the best wasalaam mz

Dear Muslim matrimonials. Thank you for your services. I have found someone that I'm interested in. Therefore. Please do not review my membership. Once again thank you for your help. Ather Masood

Salaam and hi, I just wanted to write to you to say I have been subscribed to your service for about 5 months in which time I have met the woman of my dreams!....we are now engaged and inshallah hope to be married very soon....I thank you for this wonderful site and hope many more people can benefit from it as I have....


Dear Muslim Wedding folk:  I want to thank you for providing such a quality service.  I want to share a good news with you all.  Within 3 months of placing my AD with picture, I found my soul mate.  Inshallah I will be getting married in October.  It really pay to place a Ad with you.  The money I spent was well worth it.  Once again I thank you.  Please keep up the good work.


Assalam O Alaikum
I want to thank this site for helping me to find my husband.  This is good site and I am recommending it to others.  My fiancée Mohammad and I will be married in the next year.  Thank u so much for help us.

Assalam Alaikum
 Thanks for running this wonderful site. My name is Ali, I have just deleted my profile.
By the grace and mercy of Allah, I have found my mate through 1st Palce Muslim Matrimonial.
I got married on Friday, July 6, 2001 in Orlando, FL. My wife Lisa is a wonderful person and a dedicated Muslimah. Allah has rewarded me and I am so happy. Thanks for your kind efforts and hard work in running this site. May Allah reward you with peace of mind and happiness.

Muslim Wedding People,
Assalaam-U-Alaikum, my name is Atif, I started using your services in January, and Alhamdo-Lillah I can say now that thanks to your website I have found my other half of my deen, Inshallah I pray that you have many more success story as I have found a happy one myself, Shukran...

Please send any comments or suggestions to info@muslimwedding.org
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