Tips For Success

Many people place their profile on this site and then wonder why nobody tries to contact them. This page provides a few tips on how to get a better response to your profile. If you follow these simple suggestions your chances of success will be enormously increased.

1. Include Your Photo
Profiles with photos get a much higher response rate than those without, so if you only take up one of these suggestions, this is the one to go for. Click here to upload your photo.

2. Do Not Use All Upper Case Letters
Profiles written ENTIRELY IN UPPER CASE LETTERS look terrible. They are harder to read and make it look like you are shouting. Take the time to write your profile, using upper case letters only where they are appropriate.

3. Check Your Spelling
Write your profile in your favourite word processor and use the spelling checker on it. If it is OK, cut and paste it onto this site. You want to create the best impression of yourself, so take the time and trouble to get the spelling and grammar right. If English is not your best language, ask a friend to help.

4. Make Full Use of the Description Area
You can enter up to 1,000 characters (including spaces) in the description area. Make full use of this allowance to write about yourself and the person you are looking for. If your description reads: "I am looking for a nice wife", then you are wasting your time because everybody is looking for a nice husband or wife. Enter something that is unique about you. This might sound like hard work, but marriage is something you should be taking seriously, so it should be well worth the effort.

5. Don't Duplicate Information
Don't waste space in the description area providing information that is displayed elsewhere in your profile. There is no point in writing "I am a 27 year old doctor from Detroit" because your age, profession and city are already displayed in your profile. 

6. Be Honest
You may get a lot of responses if you describe yourself as a stunningly attractive millionaire, but sooner or later the person you are seeking to marry will find out the truth, so unless you really are a stunningly attractive millionaire, stick to the truth.

All of these tips can be summed up in one sentence: take the time to do it right. If you put the effort in at the beginning, you will reap the reward later.


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